Does Your Small Business Need A CPA?

Are you confused by the title Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and what they can do for your small business? A certified public accountant (CPA) has achieved much higher levels of education and certification than a bookkeeper (sometimes misspelled book keeper or bookeeper). Not only can a CPA handle traditional tax filings and financial statements, they may also act as your business adviser on a broad range of issues, including: budget plan creation, cash flow projections and investment analysis. While some highly qualified bookeepers will also handle some of those functions, there are certain items that only a certified public accountant will handle, like audits of public company books. The financial expertise of a certified public accounting firm can be invaluable, helping a small business determine how much debt the company can handle; the pros and cons of a loan vs. a line of credit; and how to seek financing from investors. The certified public accounting firm can also handle the more mundane bookkeeping (sometimes misspelled book keeping or bookeeping) but often at a higher cost.


Your CPA firm can advise you on how to keep business and personal deductions separate, which creates a major advantage at tax time. And at what level of deduction each expense belongs.


Your CPA firm can review your financials on a regular basis - another major advantage at the end of the tax year. Consistent and regular financial analysis is key to a healthy business portfolio.

Business Advice

The financial knowledge of a certified public accountant and his/her expertise make for an invaluable component of your small business--one that can offer direction and long-term guidance.

Finding the right individual CPA or CPA firm can be a difficult and time consuming choice. AccountantsGuaranteed.Com offers an alternative. They offer a free research service for small businesses looking for CPA firms and bookkeeping firms. They meet with you to assess your needs and can make recommendations based those needs. The service is free to the small business. Contact them at www.AccountantsGuaranteed.Com.