Certified Public Accountant

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) do much more than just tax preparation. They can provide a long list of services, and are part of a small business owners professional team along with a banker or lawyer.

Look for a CPA that best suits your business needs, and ensure they are state licensed. You can check with the local board in your state. The records are in the public domain. You can also check with the university in your potential CPA's resume to make sure their degree is real.

A qualified CPA firm should be versatile, and come prepared to offer you references. And don't be afraid to make direct contact with those references with a list of pertinent questions and concerns. It is not impolite to ask probing questions if done with courtesy. Finding a CPA is just too important a task to leave to chance.

Learn about your CPA's business practices. How often will they meet with you? Will they be the one working directly on your business, or another, more junior, member of their accounting firm?

Many small businesses now work with CPA firms and qualified bookkeeping firms online - by working with a provider remotely, your small business can still get top-notch service at a lower cost. In fact, many of the larger CPA firms have outsourced bookkeeping (sometimes misspelled book keeping or bookeeping) to lower their own costs. Some savvy small business owners have chosen to follow suit with their own bookkeepers (sometimes misspelled book keepers or bookeepers) outside of their local market.

Ask your CPA if they are a member of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) or state society of CPAs. Again, checking the good standing of a CPA firm is easy to do and in the public domain.

And, of high importance on your list of questions, what is their hourly rate? You can expect to pay $75 per hour for a qualified CPA. Well worth the cost compared to the pitfalls of not obtaining the proper financial consultant. You can also consider hiring a much lower cost bookkeeping firm for more mundane functions. Both bookkeepers and CPAs usually have their place on your small business team.

If you need help in finding an accountant or finding a bookkeeper, you can contact AccountantsGuaranteed.Com. They provide free access to a team of research professionals and can help you find an accountant or find a bookkeeper. Again, the service is free - small businesses in the United States only can contact www.AccountantsGuaranteed.Com.