Screen an Accountant or Bookkeeper

How to Screen a Bookkeeper or Accountant

Unless you have a small business bookkeeping or accounting business, at some point you'll need to find someone, or several individuals, to perform these tasks.

Find a Bookkeeper

This person should be detail-oriented, honest and have a working knowledge of bookkeeping, payroll and receivables/collections management.

  • Keep track of checks and other income, paying bills, and reconciling the business checkbook.
  • Paying employees and filing and paying federal and state payroll taxes.
  • Keeping track of receivables (amounts owed to you by customers) and following up with billing and collections activities.

Find an Accountant

In searching for an accountant, here are some considerations:

  • Your accountant should be experienced with your type of business or other similar businesses.
  • Your accountant should be willing to spend time with you in startup to help you establish your business recordkeeping system and advising you on financial matters.
  • Your accountant should have a range of services available to you.
  • Your accountant should have knowledge of business accounting software and is computer savvy.
  • Finally, keep looking until you find an accountant who is also someone you enjoy working with.

How to find the Perfect Bookkeeper and/or Accountant

Finding the perfect accountant or bookkeeper can be a daunting task, and requires the help of the perfect financial partner. will thoroughly research and recommend the perfect fit for your specifications.

All candidates are fully pre-screened to maximize the efficiency of the time invested in the recruiting process. Part of the screening process includes competency-based interviews to fully assess candidates personality fit, motivations and long-term career objectives in addition to technical skills and experience. All to help us successfully match individuals to your specific opportunity and organization.

From start-up to Fortune 500 companies, our extensive accounting industry knowledge base and proven record of accomplishment enables to expeditiously and thoroughly help you find a bookkeeper or find an accountant that will provide outstanding service and bottom line results.