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When searching for a strong Accountant or Bookkeeper candidate, you will want to take into consideration more than just their accounting and bookkeeping (sometimes misspelled book keeping or bookeeping) knowledge. The seasoned small business owner will want a bookkeeper (sometimes misspelled book keeper or bookeeper) or accountant that can work in a team. Here are some human skills that will be sure to help:

Active Listening Skills

Many accountants and bookkeepers struggle with teamwork. Find an accountant or a bookkeeper (sometimes misspelled book keeper or bookeeper) that is a team player, and takes other options into consideration.

Effective Communication

Successful teams are comprised of members that can communicate effectively - both written and verbally - and display excellent listening skills.

Takes Responsibility

Try to find a bookkeeper or an accountant that does not point the finger of blame - and who freely takes responsibility for errors. Coworkers will appreciate an accountant or bookkeeper that is honest and willing to work out personality and work-style differences.


Look for an accountant or bookkeeper that will offer help when they recognize that a team member is struggling or could use assistance - requiring patience and a change in perspective.

Exhibits Flexibility

A team must be flexible in order to stay up with the daily workload demand. Be sure that your accountant or bookkeeper displays an open mind and perspective.

Openly Shares Ideas

Everyone from time-to-time has a great idea that they think will save the day, or maybe the project. Look for candidate's that are open and willing to share those "amazing" ideas.

When searching for the best accountant or bookkeeper for your business needs, you have to assess the candidate's level of financial expertise. However, in order for that financial expertise to be useful, the accountant or bookkeeper must exhibit strong communication skills and believe in the concept of teamwork. Screening candidates using the above tips will help you find those soft skills in an accountant or bookkeeper that have become crucial in your small business operations. Contact AccountantsGuaranteed.Com to help you find the best accountant or bookkeeper for your small business needs. The free research service helps small business with questions on how to find an accountant or bookkeeper. You can contact their research team free of charge at www.AccountantsGuaranteed.Com.

[Note: Were you looking for help with bookkeeping? Again, sometimes bookkeeping is misspelled book keeping or bookeeping.]

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