AccountantsGuaranteed.Com is a unique referral service for the accounting industry. AccountantsGuaranteed.Com is unlike any other referral service: it is not a listing or directory service; we don't ask for fees for customers; we are not an automated service. We are sales and accounting professionals that provide high-quality relationships in exchange for revenue share. We have long-term relationships with our customers.

By screening accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals, we ensure that small and medium sized businesses get the finest accounting professionals they can get. Those businesses are matched by service offering, credentials, price, and geography. For the providers, we significantly grow their customer bases with the exact clients they want.

Most accounting professionals are not very good sales people and often don't have the sales and marketing resources and experience to fully leverage their professional capabilities. They take years in slowly developing their customer bases or spend a small fortune in buying a practice. AccountantsGuaranteed.Com is a much better alternative - no upfront costs, extremely rapid growth and customer bases tailored to expertise.


"We know how hard it can be for the business owner. It's almost like you need an accountant to find an accountant. That's exactly what we've done. After thorough research, our accounting professionals go through a peer-screening process. Our referral customers get industry experience in picking just the right accountant for them. From the accountants perspective, they get far greater growth than they could ever do on their own with cherry-picked customers for their business, at a price that is a fraction of what they would pay for acquiring someone else's practice. We've really hit on a method that is win-win for everybody. The 'secret sauce' is taking the time and effort to pick the right relationships and really give what’s needed."

Our Guarantee

We thoroughly research and screen our accounting and bookkeeping firms to meet the specifications of the small and medium sized businesses that we market. Sometimes, however, the match is not right. If for any reason the match is not right, we will be happy to keep researching on your behalf.  Finding a trusted accounting professional is a huge decision and the benefits of finding the right match are immense - be sure that you get what you want. Guaranteed.